Educational TV Can Be Entertaining

Television doesn’t have to be only about thirty minute sitcoms or sixty minute dramas or hard-to-stomach reality shows… or even news and sports. There is an entire segment of the national TV audience that enjoys programming that instructs and teaches.

I fit into that segment and, when I think about Educational TV, it is definitely not about classroom instruction. I completed my schooling and don’t want – or need – to return to a classroom. But, I still like Educational TV. It teaches while it entertains.

Want proof? Consider a network like Create TV. Its programming is 100% instructional… and 200% entertaining. I don’t watch all the shows (there are programs on knitting), but I do tune in to the ones I enjoy. There are several shows that feature truly talented chefs and shows that revolve around the skills of a landscape artist. He always completes a painting in less than thirty minutes.

Other shows “take me on trips” to places I’ve never visited in person. And when I arrive with my TV host, I get to learn a lot about the destinations – their culture… the people… the area’s history… their food and much, much more. That’s educational, but if you watch the programs they are also extremely entertaining.

Talk shows that cover political or financial topics are educational and entertaining, as well. It’s not necessary to agree with any guest on these shows (you can have your own political point of view), but when you take time you listen, you will learn – about how our government really works… about legislation… the Constitution and much, much more.

Of course, if you have youngsters at home, there are many shows available for them that are fun to watch and instructional, too. Remember Big Bird and Kermit the Frog? There is, of course, documentary programming that covers specific topics and areas of interest, often about historical events, sometimes about things that matter in today’s world.

And finally, there are quiz shows. If you have ever watched Jeopardy and tried to answer the questions (or, more correctly, tried to come up with questions for the answers) this program is the closest you will ever come to actually returning to school. It is, in fact, like taking a quiz every day… and it is also informative. Watch, listen and learn.

So… if you think TV is only about sitcoms and dramas… think again. There are many networks that are devoted to improving your mind. All you have to do is find them.

Author: Frank Bilotta

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